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To start your learning about indigenous knowledge and its intersection with western science, we recommend the following readings (available online).


Websites and Online Documents

  • Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
    The SACNAS webiste has a wealth of materials inlcuding PDFs of many chapters from the Traditional Knowledge Proceedings from the 2008 SACNAS National Conference, as well as links to many other online resources.

  • Traditional Inuit Knowledge Combines with Science to Shape Arctic
    Weather Insights

    Article discussing how researchers are combining indigenous environmental knowledge with modern science to learn new things about what's happening to the Arctic climate.

  • Bridging Cultures In Electronic Communication (180kb : 7 pages)
    Article by Patricia Search, who is an aritst and media designer who has worked with Australian Aboriginals and Native Americans to envision digital media design that can reflect indigenous learning and consciousness.

  • Cognitive Pluralism (144kb : 11 pages)
    Communication styles document that we used in One Earth One Universe workshop. Resource from Rose von Thater Braan.

  • Communication Styles of Indian People (116kb : 4 pages)
    Description of styles, values, and customs of indigenous people in the context of communication.

  • Foreword from Native Science (88kb : 2 pages)
    Introduction/Foreword to Greg Cajete's book, by Leroy Little Bear (Blackfoot) of the University of Lethbridge, Canada.

  • Is Native Science Science? (144kb : 4 pages)
    From the Native Science Academy, Rose von Thater-Braan.

  • Digital Storytelling for Cross Cultural Communication (40kb : 6 pages)
    Article by Patricia Search describing methods and strategies for using digital media for storytelling.

  • Father Sky (72kb : 10 pages)
    Article by Nancy Maryboy, David Begay, Isabel Hawkins, and Troy Cline presented at the World's Indigenous People's Conference in Education on "Collaboration with Integrity" that bridges native and western astronomies.

  • Serpent Earthquake Salish (256kb : 6 pages)
    Article by Ruth Ludwin, geophysicist at the U. Washington who collaborated with Native Coast Salish elders on integrating native stories of a serpent with earthquake models to better determine locales of faults in the Seattle area.

  • Thoughts On Consciousness, Relationship and Community (132kb : 11 pages)
    Article by Rose von Thater-Braan on Indigenous ways of living.

  • Living Astronomy And People Of The Mayan World Today (32kb : 4 pages)
    Article by Isabel Hawkins and Felipe Tapia for the Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference in Education, presented in Chicago in September 2007, describing the community outreach events that bridge Mayan and western astronomies.