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Cosmic Serpent Cosmic Serpent: Bridging Native Ways of Knowing and Western Science in Museum Settings by Nancy C. Maryboy, PhD, David Begay, PhD, and Laura Peticolas, PhD, Indigenous Education Institute (2012), ISBN-10: 0985988703 ISBN-13: 978-0985988708
This book is a deliverable (requisite) of an NSF (National Science Foundation) grant to share the project outcomes and what we learned from the NSF grant project. This four-year NSF project was funded to provide professional development to museum educators about Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science in museums, with the goal of providing a culturally relevant way for Indigenous communities to connect to science. A PDF is available for download. (5.6 MB)

Cosmic Serpent Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby, Tarcher (April 5, 1999), ISBN-10: 0874779642, ISBN-13: 978-0874779646
Anthropologist Narby's very personal account of his encounters with Amazonian shamanism and his passionately researched syntheses of anthropological, biochemical, neurological and mythological scholarship.

ConsilienceConsilience by Edward Wilson, Vintage books (April, 1999), ISBN 0-679-45077-7
An overview of Western intellectual history and the current state of understanding in many academic disciplines.

The Earth Is Faster Now The Earth Is Faster Now edited by Igor Krupnik/Dyanna Jolly. Arctic Research Consortium (2002), ISBN-10: 0972044906, ISBN-13: 978-0972044905
This book documents the nature of environmental changes observed by indigenous residents of the Arctic. A PDF (with the Cover, Foreward, Table of Contents, List of Contributors, Preface and Introduction) is available for download.