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The largest effort of the Cosmic Serpent program was focused on professional development workshops for museum practitioners, including helping to build on the relationships and expertise developed in these workshops. Participants gained awareness of diverse cosmologies and epistemologies and thus an increased understanding of the nature and cultural roots of science (western, native, or otherwise). We served practitioners at 96 science centers/museums and tribal cultural museums in the U.S. Southwest, West, and Northwest (eight states) through three full workshops, three follow‐up workshops, continuing communication and regional networks. “Participant Experience” on the tab to the left will lead to an example of what a participant might have experienced at one of our workshops. Travel, sustenance, and lodging to our workshops were free to the participants.

Please contact us for more information on these workshops.

Dr. Nancy Maryboy,
Indigenous Education Institute,

Dr. David Begay,
Indigenous Education Institute

Dr. Laura Peticolas,
U C Berkeley